His Music

In April of 2018 he funds the "Gabriel Lombardo Quinteto" along with (Marina Ruiz Matta- piano, Daniel Ruggiero - bandoneon, Rodrigo Beraldi - violin and Martin Wainer double bass) The Quintet proposes and actual and urban music. It has strong Tango roots pierced by resources in the academic music and Argentine Folklore, generating one more contribution to think about the development of our local music. Performs for the first time on July 29th in Cafe Vinilo (Buenos Aires) and goes all over the the most presitgious concert venues of Buenos Aires City. On August 1st 2019 presents first, in the CAFF (Buenos Aires) and then in diferent venues of Argentina, his first discography work "La Estafa". It wins an Honorary Mention granted by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (National Fond of Arts) (FNA), in the popular unplublished music contest in Tango category.

In paralel develops a guitar solo carrear. During 2015 he threw concerts in diferent venues of the Buenos Aires City as a solo guitarist within the "Tribute to E. Falú", where he also interpreted his own original works. Currently, he is preparing his first record where he plays a repertorie fully compound by his own compositions for solo Guitar and some arrangements about argentinian musics.

With a strong root in local music, the instrument is boarded from an orchestral conception.


From 2008 until today, founds the orchestra "El Sonido de los Durmientes" where he develops the guitar player, comporser and director roles. The orchestra plays his works which integrates folkloric music with academic music. It counts with 3 discographic works ("El Sonido de los Durmientes" 2010 - "Danza entre Todos" 2014 - "Mancha Arena" 2016) and was declared of cultural interest by the Goverment of Buenos Aires in Ocotber, 2014.


In 2016 founds ZAMBO Trío (Leo Pérez - violin and Flavio Romero - double bass), where he develops the guitar and composer roles.


2018 Honorary Mention granted by the Fondo Nacional de la Artes in the popular unplublished music contest, category Tango, due his work ¨La Estafa¨.

2018 Wins scholarship granted by the FNA to record the first Quintet CD "La Estafa".

2017 Honor Mention in the II Contest of Composition for Child and Youth Orchestra organized by IBERMÚSICAS due to his symphonyc work "El Busca".

2017 Firt position in the Composition Contest Argentina - Perú symphonyc category, due his work ¨El Busca¨.

2013 obtains 1st composition award granted by the Consejo Argentino de la Música (Argentine Music Council), for his chamber work ¨La Yunza¨.

Movies and Theatre Music

He composed the music of “La Cascara Rota” documentary (Dir. Florencia Mujica) produced by “La taguara fílmica” (Venezuela) with the INCA support, premiering on April the 24th of 2014 at the Cine Gaumont. He also composed the soundtrack of “Escrito en la tierra” directed by Florencia Mujica and produced by “La taguara fílmica” (Venezuela), that premiered on May the 29th of 2012 at the Cine Gaumont. Lombardo is also the creator of the "Soy Juana" score, stop-motion animation short film made by Laura Bondel. For theater plays, he wrote the music for “Cenestesia”, a play by Gustavo Sternischia and for “Shooting Back”, directed by Jesús Gómez.

The first project assembled to approach his music was “Grupo Tierra” (2003), conformed by Gabriel Cuman - electric bass, Tomas Filnkestein - Drums, Diego Weber - Alto Sax y Andrés Orlando - Piano. In his rock period, he obtains the first award in 1997, with his group “Viarruna” on the contest organized by the Música de Buenos Aires school (EMBA) where he played the composer, vocalist and guitarists roles.

Studies inside and out...

At age thirteen he starts his electric guitar lessons tutored by Rodrigo Cardone, Ricardo Lew, Martin Negro with a Jazz orientation and, later, introduction to Tango with Esteban Morgado. Interested in composition from his begginnings, he also starts a three years Harmony and Composition course with Juan Carlos Cirigliano in SADAIC. Finishing High School he passes the admission exam for the “Ástor Piazzolla” Conservatory of Buenos Aires City to enter the upper levels of said institution. At that time he starts his formal studies on classical guitar, first with Jorge Bizcardi and later with Javier Bravo, from which he obtains the degree of "Profesor Superior de Música, especialidad en guitarra" (Superior Music Professor, guitar specialty) and works as arranger and copyist on the institution orchestra. He also enters the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA, National Arts University) on the composition career under Roque de Pedro at first and then under Guillermo Possati. Parallel to this he enters the Philosophy career at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), which he will drop out in his third year. Afterwards, he will take courses on orchestration with Gabriel Senanes, composition with Diego Schissi, Folkloric Guitar with Osvaldo Burucuá, composition J. M. Solari, and 20th century works analysis with Professor Fernando Albinarrate. Through self-study and while in “Chincha” (Perú) he delves into the origen and development of afro-peruvian music, and in Santiago del Estero about the afro influences on the argentinian northeast music.

The art in teaching

Since 2013 he continuosly directs the "Orquesta de Música Argentina y Latinoamericana de la Escuela Superior de Música J. P. Esnaola" dedicated to a symphonic folk-rooted repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries, he teaches a class on "Curso de arreglos y composición a partir de ritmos folclóricos, orientado a formaciones de cámara" (Arrangement and composition course from folkloric rhythms, aimed at chamber ensembles) and he’s a Harmony professor in said institution. In 2008 he composes "Danza para un guardapolvo sin bolsillos", a work for cotidiáfonos (music instruments made of everyday objects, such as keys, carton boxes, tape, etc.) composed for elementary school students that premiered at the Escuela N° 20 del D. E. 19 "Maestro Carranza" on November of the same year.