El Sonido de los Durmientes

El Sonido de los Durmientes orchestra is created on the year 2008 by Gabriel Lombardo, with the idea of achieving a musical language to express the landscape transformation of the Buenos Aires city, where the cosmopolitan footprints and the cultural globalization have already marked the modern times principal features. So it comes about a music that nurtures from the local folklore, the Tango and the mixture with the european classical music. Conformed by 10 ESDLD musicians, it has three published records, El Sonido de los Durmientes (2009), Danza entre Todos (2014), Mancha Arena (2016), it was declared of cultural interest by the Buenos Aires City Council and has played on the most prestigious venues of Argentina.

- Guadalupe Planes in Flute
- María Eugenia Marsili in Oboe
- Gonzalo Braz in Clarinet
- Mercedes Morello in Bassoon
- Claudia Spalletta in Violin
- Leo Pérez in Violin
- Olga Kneeteman in Viola
- Laura Basombrío in Cello
- Martín Pantuso in Contrabass
- Gabriel Lombardo in Guitar

Direction and Composition: Gabriel Lombardo